Art Palpitation - Kitty Miao
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Kitty 'Yin Ling' Miao, Ph.D., is a scholar specialized in the study of ancient Chinese Bone and turtle script (sometimes called shell and bone script). She is also a poet and an artist renowned for her unique style integrating Chinese calligraphic techniques and pictorial painting to create vibrant living sketches of animal life. She studied at St. Martin's College of Art and Greenwich University. Dr. Miao currently lives in Marin County, California.

Kitty Miao is a distinguished artist known for talented and highly innovated single-stroke brush painting technique, calligraphy scrolls, and exotic Jewish paintings. Her work was exhibited in numerous animals, zodiac & other occasions in Europe, the USA, and was collected by museums, international institutions as well as art connoisseurs.

Miao brings an innovative and highly creative technique of Asian brush painting to the awareness of contemporary art. Her style evolves from Chinese calligraphy, through years of practice and study from ancient to modern scripts to obtain the discipline and control of the calligrapher. Her work relies on the suggestive nature of one or a few brush strokes on rice paper, a departure from the oriental artistic tradition and a return to the simplicity of Tao in philosophy. The speed with which a continuous stroke must be applied in order to control the flow of ink demands spontaneity in creation, at times best described as life in itself.

Kitty's paintings of exotic Jewish communities will be featured in an upcoming book entitled "The Mystic Brush," co-authored by Robert W. Lebling. Kitty's latest animal paintings and ancient Chinese calligraphy are featured in her new book, entitled "The Brush of the Cat," co-authored by Keith Knighton Howell. For more information or to order the book, email Kitty at